Saturday, May 24, 2008

Collection : Discounted Items

Stripy Long Top for RM 44.90
*Now RM 35.90
Code : 001b
Colour : Purple , Light Grey
Size : Free Size

Flowery Patterned Mini Dress for RM 60.90
*Now RM 48.90
Code : 004b
Colour : Cream , Pink
Size : Free Size

Polka Dot Patterned Mini Dress for RM 60.90
*Now RM 48.90
Code : 004c
Colour : Yellow
Size : Free size

Sleeved Mini Dress for RM 60.90
*Now RM 48.90
Code : 004d
Colour : Grey
Size : Free Size

Circled Pattern Mini Dress for RM 54.90
*Now RM 43.90
Code : 005
Colour : Purple , Pink
Size : Free Size

Collared Mini Dress for RM 49.90
*Now RM 34.90
Code : 006
Colour : Grey , Brown , Cream , Light Pink , White
Size : Free Size

Collared Mini Dress for RM 49.90
*Now RM 39.90
Code : 012
Colour : White , *Pink , Black (SOLD OUT)
Size : Free Size
Flowery Top for RM 44.90
*Now RM 35.90
Code : 002d
Colour : Blue
Size : Free Size
B&W Tees
*Now RM 23.90
Code : 008
Colour : White , Black
Size : Free Size
Availability : * Only Leftmost White and Leftmost Black!

Portrait Pattern Tees for RM 29.90
*Now RM 20.90
Code : 002a
Colour : Red, Cream, Blue, Light Green
Size : Free Size

Buttoned Top for RM 46.90
*Now RM 37.90
Code : 009
Colour : Brown , Black , Green , Purple , Pink
Size : Free Size

Assorted Prints Sleeveless for RM 14.90
*Now RM 10.00
Code : 001d
Colour : White , Blue, Green, Light Green, Yellow, Pink ,
Size : Free Size

Flower Halter dress for RM 64.90
code : 003b(ii)
colour : Brown
Size : Free size

Pebbled pattern halter dress for RM 64.90
*Now RM 45.90
code : 003b
colour : Grey
Size : Free size


Anonymous said...

OMG! ur stuff is too cute! are the collared mini dress and the chequered mini dress available? i want them! :)

Bhajue Boutique said...

yes they are still available. :-)
pls email us at

soedaydah said...

hi,im really interested to buy checks pattern mini u still hv them n wat if i cnt make it to ur next bijou bazaar at d end of d i still purchase it?

Bhajue Boutique said...

Hi soedaydah,

Yes we still have them,but you have to state the colour of the item you want.we are still working on the shipping policy,meaning we can deliver it to you,at a small shipping fee.

do email us at

SweetDaisy said...

oh my!!! these dresses are so cute! i wanna buy all of it! one question. the free size can fit up to L/XL ke?? pls reply asap k.

Bhajue Boutique said...

Hi sweetdaisy!
the size varies,so i suggest you email us the codes,and we will measure it up for you.hope that helps!

fifi said...

are chequred minidress still available?can u email me new collection?ur collection awesome!!

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