Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bijou Bazaar @ Jeumpa D'Ramo Day 1

Bijou Bazaar @ Jeumpa D'Ramo Day 1

People were flocking in at Jeumpa D'Ramo yesterday and shoppers head home happy with shopping bags within their grasp. Day 1 of Bijou Bazaar was filled with Artists , Cupcakes and tidbits, Teh Botols , independent young designers, Deckspinners , local musicians , photographers , media representatives , other fashion traders like us, and not forgetting the rubberduckies at the kid's pool.

For those who missed out Day 1, we hope to see you there today!

Army of Rubberduckies!

Fashion traders by the pool


BBQ and drinks by Threadzoo Zookeepers

Oh Chentaku

Deckspinner Missy

We love your Jason Mraz - I'm Yours cover!

and, of course Bhajue Boutique!

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